International Sports

I like to go to the BBC website regularly, just to get a more international perspective on the news.  The BBC home page always has a box with the latest sports news, and usually when I review it I understand almost nothing about the blurbs that are posted to entice people to look at the actual stories.  As an example, here is what currently appears on the home page under sports, as of 7:26 Eastern time on December 14, 2009:

Ballack plays down German chances

Ferrari clear way for Schumacher

Lotus F1 sign Trulli and Kovalainen

England call up spinner Tredwell

India v. Sri Lanka latest score

Yousuf stars as Pakistan hit back

Woods loses key sponsorship deal

Stade duo cited over gouge claims

OK, I get the reference to Tiger Woods and recognize that the BBC has a different convention on noun-verb agreement.  Other than that, what the heck are they talking about?  How can we ever hope to understand the Brits if we can’t even understand the sports they follow?  (Although I have to admit that being a “spinner” sounds like fun, and “gouge claims” sound intriguing.)