Going Viral – A Short Speech Worth Listening To

For those of us older folks the definition of going viral on the Internet means becoming extremely popular in a very short period of time and the following video has had more than 13 million hits. Back in 2009 the Iowa Supreme Court decided that gay marriage would be legal in the state, but earlier this year the Iowa House of Representatives now controlled by Republicans introduced an amendment to ban Gay Marriage and Civil Unions.

Zach Wahls this nineteen year old had the opportunity to speak in front of the Iowa House of Representatives back in January and spoke briefly about his family because you see Zach has two mothers. Although the Iowa House of Representatives passed the amendment the Iowa Senate decided not to take up the issue in essence killing the bill.

The speech speaks for itself. In my mind the well spoken words of a nineteen year old will hopefully make us realize that marriage should be between two people who love each other !