Old Blue, Adieu

This weekend Richard assumes ownership of Old Blue, a jacket with a curious back story.

Kish bought this Eddie Bauer jacket for me about 15 years ago.  I call it Old Blue.  It’s a perfect jacket for many months of Columbus weather — waterproof, and not too heavy.  For some reason, however, Kish has grown to loathe it.  If I put it on she grimaces and begs me not to wear it.  She regularly threatens to throw it out, and at times I fear for Old Blue’s safety.  Who would have thought clothing could inspire such passion?

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem of Old Blue.  Richard, being a man of good taste, also likes wearing Old Blue, and has asked if he can have it in Chicago.  Of course, the answer is yes.  So this weekend I bid farewell to Old Blue, a garment that served me long and well.  May you thrive in Chicago, Old Blue, far away from the palpable disdain of my lovely wife!