Old Hickory At Jackson Square

The French Quarter’s Jackson Square is named after Old Hickory — Major General (and later President) Andrew Jackson.  Jackson is forever linked to New Orleans because of the 1815 Battle of New Orleans, where American forces defeated the British — even though the War of 1812 had officially ended with the signing of treaty weeks beforehand.

The square is a beautiful piece of ground, close to the Mississippi River and adjacent to St. Louis Cathedral.  It features a suitably heroic statue of Old Hickory on horseback.

The Fabulous Jackson Square All-Stars

I’m in New Orleans for a conference.  Although I’ve been to other parts of Louisiana, it’s the first time I’ve visited the Crescent City.

I got in this afternoon and took a stroll to get my bearings and get some exercise, besides.  While walking past Jackson Square I heard the strains of some New Orleans jazz from a street group called the Jackson Square All-Stars.  They were awesome!  I was amazed by the quality of the playing and the tightness of the band as they rolled through classics like Little Liza Jane and seemed to have a very good time doing so.

So, I sat for a while, savoring the experience and the sunshine and the great music, and felt like I was an extra in a scene from Treme.