With All Due Respect

Where do you turn if you are interested in politics and want to stay current on what’s happening in the presidential election — but are sick to death of the shouting, name-calling, two-talking-heads-yelling-at-each-other crap that passes for political discussion on most of the news channels?

Kish and I recently stumbled upon With All Due Respect, which fills that gaping void.  It’s an hour-long show featuring Mark Halperin and John Heilemann that is broadcast at 5 p.m. weekdays (and rebroadcast at 8 p.m., for those of us who are working stiffs) on the Bloomberg news channel.  We’ve quickly become addicted.

19-mark-halperin-john-heilemann-w1200-h630Why do we like this show?  Well, we are interested in politics, and that’s what the show is about, period.  We can get our political fix without having to suffer through weather reports or international news or silly feature stories — although you will have to see a few of those increasingly annoying “discover the forest” commercials.  It’s a fast-moving show, too, with a bunch of different segments and interviews covered during the hour, and it inevitably ends with Halperin and Heilemann discussing the winners and losers for the day or the week.  And with the bizarro, ever-surprising presidential campaigns that are going on this year, where the conventional wisdom has long since been thrown out the window on both the Democratic and Republican sides, it’s pretty darned entertaining.

These days, of course, the show is all about the Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns — who’s up, who’s down, and what are reporters seeing.  It’s got the inside baseball about delegates and commercials and fundraising and potential paths to nomination, but discussed in a level-headed, even-handed, shouting-free format.  People supporting different candidates can actually sit right next to each other and have an often thoughtful, but always respectful discussion about the campaigns without grotesque, eye-rolling spin.  When you live in a household where people are at different points on the political spectrum, as we do, that’s a refreshing quality.  And you know what?  When you get rid of the dreary spin and hear people talking candidly, you come to realize that a lot of the people involved in presidential campaigns — local party chieftains, long-time volunteers, veteran campaign strategists — are pretty impressive in their own way.

If you are interested in your politics straight, give With All Due Respect a shot.  You can catch yesterday’s episode here and see what I mean.