Fishing With Dad

Cousin Jeff lives on Lake Mohawk, near Malvern, Ohio.  Lake Mohawk is one of many man-made lakes in Ohio — I think the only natural lake in the Buckeye State is Lake Erie — and was made from an old quarry and some fresh springs and streams.  It’s been around for years and has reached a mature state, with lots of fish to be found.

This little boy and his Dad were enjoying a warm late Saturday afternoon, fishing from one of the docks in the lake.  Dad was putting bait on a hook and giving some instruction, Son was trying his luck, and they both were having a grand time.

Morning On Mohawk

Yesterday Kish and I traveled east to spend the day with cousin Jeff at his sumptuous lake house on Lake Mohawk.  It’s a wonderful, whimsical place.

This morning we sat on Jeff’s deck overlooking the lake, sipping cups of hot coffee in the cool air, listening to the wind chimes ring gently in the breeze, and watching the first rays of the morning sun streak the sky. I’ll have some more to say about our visit and Jeff’s place — but for now we just want to say thanks, Jeff, for a wonderful time!