Amor Deliria Nervosa aka Love

I thought this might be a good time to read Lauren Oliver’s book Delirium, during a time when our state governments are poking their noses into the area of women’s health and women’s reproductive rights with vaginal probes, oral contraceptives, and personhood amendments one which may appear on the Ohio ballot in November 2012 to drum up voter participation.

Delirium begins sixty four years after the president of the United States and a consortium determine that love is a disease that leads to many health issues. You see in the book love affects your mind so that you cannot think clearly, or make rationale decisions about your own well being. Scientists have perfected a cure for love and Lena a seventeen year old is scheduled to have her procedure done in three months when she turns eighteen, but she meets Alex and falls in love.

While some may find this book a stretch, with a little bit more government control here and there this kind of thing might happen in the future. I liked the story which had several twists and turns and the ending is a cliff hanger so you want to read the next book. Delirium is the first of a trilogy with Pandemonium out now and Requiem due out in 2013. I would recommend reading this book because it was well written with an interesting premise and some really good character development. Check it out !