At The Stonewall Columbus Pride Parade

IMG_1256It’s the weekend of the Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival, and today the Pride Parade was downtown.  Kasey and I stopped by after work this morning.  As always, the parade was a big, brassy, raucous affair, with lots of cheering and shouts as the floats and marchers wound their way through the concrete canyons of downtown Columbus.

If anything, the parade seemed bigger this year than in past years.  That’s an encouraging thing to see in the wake of the Pulse massacre in Orlando, Florida.  It’s a cliche to say that terrorists win if their brutal attacks cause us to change our behavior and fear for our safety in any public setting, but it happens to be true.  I was glad to see that those of us who believe in and support LGBT rights were out in force, showing that they weren’t intimidated and would continue to be loud and proud.