A Good Buy

I have a history of making incredibly ill-advised technology purchases.  For example, at some point during the early 1980s I went to a technology store to buy a VCR.  I listened to the sales person, assessed the quality of the respective options, and decided to buy a Betamax.  Approximately 10 seconds after I made the purchase, it was announced that no more videotapes would be made using Beta technology.

Sometimes, however, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn.  In my case, I lucked out when I bought the Logitech iPod player.  It is, without question, the best technology purchase I have ever made.

The Logitech device is a simple construct.  It consists of a docking station where you can place your iPod, speakers that pump out the sound, and an electrical cord.  But it is durable, and well-made, and so easy to use that even a technological illiterate like me can’t mess it up.  Plug it in and use it to play your iPod songs or to charge your iPod.  Or unplug it and take it to the tailgate with you, or bring it out on the patio, or on a picnic.  It will play for hours on its batteries and you can recharge the batteries merely by plugging it into any outlet.

This device is small and easy to pack in a suitcase.  I’ve taken it on trips around the globe and it has performed flawlessly.  I like having music around, and the Logitech really delivers.