Plum Bowl

IMG_2416The California Girl is coming for a visit today, and if the weather permits we’re going to have a cookout tonight in her honor.  Whenever we have guests from another state visit during the summer months, we always try to put together a menu that features some of the best central Ohio has to offer — so yesterday we made a trip to Lynd’s.

Lynd’s is the local farm fresh store, the kind of place that will only sell produce that is currently being picked and will put out a sign that says that peaches will become available in two weeks.  It has two locations — a big store in Pataskala that won’t open until later in July, and the small store closer to our house that is open now.  On our visit we loaded up on sweet corn, green beans, local cheese, a watermelon, and one of Kish’s favorites:  plums.  Toss in some hamburgers and chicken, and you’ve got an Ohio cookout.