Trash Attraction

IMG_6100We saw lots of interesting things on the streets of New Orleans, but this was one of the most compelling and evocative sights — a trash can, decorated to resemble a human face, with the words “If ever I cease to love” on it.  When I tossed my trash away through the wide mouth, I wondered what the heck was the significance of those words.

There is, in fact, an explanation:  “If ever I cease to love” is the name of a classic Mardi Gras song.  According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune blog, the song has been the anthem of the Rex’s Boeuf Gras parade ever since the Rex organization first marched in 1872.  I think that explains the trash can’s crown and the bright coloring.

If you’re interested in hearing this Mardi Gras classic, a YouTube performance is below.

Mardi Gras Bike

You see the cheap, colorful beads of Mardi Gras everywhere in the French Quarter.  The third floor balcony of my hotel is stocked with bags of them to toss to drunken Bourbon Street revelers below.  Tourists proudly wear them.  They’re seen in odd and inaccessible locations — like perched on top of a sign or snagged on a tree limb — after having been inartfully tossed from above.

This enterprising bicycle owner decided to use the beads to make their chosen mode of transportation a bit more festive.