On Public Square, Thinking Of LeBron James

In Cleveland today, passing the majestic Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Public Square, it was hard not to think of . . . LeBron James.  Boy, the people in Cleveland seem to be walking with a spring in their step on this bright, sunny day!  Their hometown hero left them, in a very public, very classless way, and they have happily been rooting against him ever since.  So when the Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat last night, denying LeBron James the NBA championship that he took his talents to South Beach to grasp, the people in Cleveland celebrated.

For one day, at least, the colossal spire of the Cleveland Soldiers and Sailors Monument seemingly was transformed from another Midwestern monument to the sacrifices made during the Civil War into a monumental middle finger to LeBron James, his conceit, his ego, and his lack of basic Midwestern decency.  The good folks of Cleveland aren’t shy about their feelings in this regard.  “Hey, LeBron!” they seem to be saying.  “You want to treat us like crap?  We are only to happy to reciprocate!”

LeBron is still a young man.  Maybe this whole exercise will teach him a valuable lesson in humility.

Da Bullz!

I was in Chicago today for a meeting, and when I got to my destination I saw this sight.  Whoever this bearded, apparently tormented, big-footed fellow is — Poseidon?  One of the Titans?  A weaver outraged by the high cost of cloth? — he at least has the civic spirit and good sense to wear a Chicago Bulls jersey.

People in Chicago are excited about the Bulls, who are playing the Miami Heat in the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals and have a 1-0 lead.  The interest of Chicagoans is to be expected, but I imagine that virtually every other sports fan in the country — including especially those in the Cleveland area — is rooting for the Bulls to beat the Heat.  Who wouldn’t want to bring LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh and the best team that money can buy down a peg?

I don’t follow the NBA or care much for the NBA style of basketball, but I wouldn’t mind seeing da Bullz knock off the South Beach Hustlers.  Maybe then this old guy can take his bath in peace.