Pastor Andrew’s Thank-You To LeBron

I’ve mentioned our nephew Andrew Kishman before.  He is the pastor of the Miller Avenue United Church of Christ in Akron, in a neighborhood that has fallen on very tough times.  Helping the people — of all faiths — who live in that decayed, dangerous place is a tough challenge, but it is a challenge that Andrew is willing to tackle.  Our whole family is proud of him.

IMG_2269This morning Andrew wrote a wonderful piece about his thoughts on the decision of LeBron James to return to his roots.  It’s an interesting take that you’ve probably not seen elsewhere, because it is written from the perspective of someone who struggles every day to give hope to kids whose situations seem hopeless.  Andrew thinks that this famous athlete’s recognition of the pull of the community from whence he came, and his interest in giving back to that community in the way that only athletes can, might just provide that hope.

I think it’s nice of Andrew to thank LeBron — but I also think it would be nice for LeBron, and others, to thank people like Andrew.

Andrew Reaches Out

I’m happy to report that our nephew Andrew Kishman and his church, the Miller Avenue United Church of Christ, have made the news — and in a good way, too.

Andrew is all about community outreach, and his passion and approach to his ministry were featured in the pages of the Akron Beacon Journal.  I hope Andrew’s zeal help to reenergize his church and help its neighbors.

Way to go, Andrew!

Andrew In Akron

Congratulations to our nephew Andrew Kishman.  He’s accepted a position as Mission Minister at the Miller Avenue United Church of Christ in Akron.

Andrew says he is excited to be part of a closely knit worshiping community and hopes to combine social vision with spiritual passion at his new position.  He’s going to live in the Summit Lake neighborhood where the church is found, and his first goal is to start an after-school mentoring program for youth in the area.

I’m not a religious person, but I admire selfless people like Andrew who are eager to dedicate their lives to service and helping others.  Andrew will bring a lot of energy and ideas and commitment to his job, and I’m sure he will make an excellent pastor.  I’m glad that he will be there in my old home town, working to make the City of Rubber an even better city in which to live.  Way to go, Andrew!