The Leading Republican Blandidate

Reeling now from three losses in the Minnesota, Missouri and the Colorado primaries it will be interesting to see how and if Mitt Romney can re-invent himself before he faces the president in November as the nominee.

Last night’s results showed that Romney is getting less of the vote in 2012 than he did in 2008 when he ran against John McCain and as high as 40% of those voting would like to see another candidate enter the race.

It’s not hard to understand why, bank accounts in Switzerland, the Caymen Islands and Bermuda, paying a tax rate of 14%, a $10,000 bet, a Massachusetts job creation ranking of forty seventh, a suspect job creation record at Bain Capital (does anyone really believe that Bain was trying to create jobs ?), expunged records while governor not to mention misconstrued verbal gaffes about firing people and the poor that make him seem heartless, insensitive and out of touch.

With the Republican primary only a month away the last poll Real Clear Politics showed for Ohio had Gringrich at 26%, Romney at 25%, Santorum at 22% and Paul at 11%. Santorum will most likely get more notice after his wins last night. An even more alarming statistic for his campaign is his favorable rating in Ohio stands at 28% and his unfavorable rating is 60%. I’m sure that his prior comments about the auto industry haven’t helped him much in that regard.

The next four weeks will be very interesting indeed, not to mention the next nine months. He’s still not told me what he’s for and he’s got some explaining to do if he’s going to get my vote !