’60s Motel Kitsch

Last night Kish and I stayed at the Roosevelt Inn in Hyde Park, New York. We’re in the process of picking up Russell’s stuff at the end of his sophomore year at Vassar, and the Vassar Alumni House, which is our preferred venue, was booked.

Walking into our room at the Roosevelt Inn was like walking back 40 years. It is one of those drive-up-to-your-door motels, and the room had a stand up TV set, a ’60s stucco ceiling, a retro high school gym shower head, a loud, under-the-window air conditioning unit, and a toilet with one of those “sanitized for your protection” paper wrap-arounds. It reminded me, pleasantly, of places we stayed when my family took a classic Akron-to-Fullerton, California cross-country driving vacation in 1967. At least, it was pleasant until Kish remarked that, in movies and TV shows, anyone who is shown staying in that kind of room immediately gets knocked off. After that, I kept expecting to see the murdering psychopath from No Country For Old Men drive up. Fortunately, we survived the night.