Trashy Behavior (Update)

Here’s what happens when you leave a bunch of trash on the sidewalk, as these folks did a few days ago. First the pickers go through your stuff, and they don’t exactly care whether things get put back in a neat and tidy way. Then the dogs and other critters get into the bagged up garbage and spread it around. Then the debris starts blowing around the street, and before you know it you’ve got a disgusting eyesore that is getting worse by the minute.

You can compare this picture, taken after I got back from the office today, with the “before” picture I posted a few days ago. When Kish and I saw this scene we got out our own trash bags, bagged up the debris, cleared the sidewalk, picked up the scattered trash and garbage, and stored it in the dumpsters. Other thoughtless people may not behave in a neighborly way, but that doesn’t mean we have to follow their lead.

Trashy Behavior

German Village is known for its picturesque brick-paved sidewalks and streets. But when people leaves overflowing dumpsters and piles of discarded items on the sidewalks, to the point where you can barely squeeze by, it tends to interfere with the charming vistas.

It’s a scene that we’ve seen more and more lately.  Sometimes, as with the photo above, it seems to be people who are moving out, and apparently just don’t want to cart a lot of unwanted items to their next destination.  Other times it appears to be people just getting rid of broken furniture or other junk, and not particularly caring how they do it.  Maybe the people think that the trash pickers who periodically visit German Village will swing by and take away items that they think they can use.  But whatever the cause or motivation, it’s always unsightly, and it gets even worse if the rains come.

It’s not neighborly behavior, it’s trashy behavior — and it shows a total lack of consideration for neighbors and other German Village residents.  Would it really have been so hard for the people getting rid of their trunk and moccasins and clothing items to put the stuff in their car and take it to a Goodwill box or Goodwill store to be donated and reused, rather than left on the sidewalk?