Cows Are Hot, Cows Are Cool

Cows are pretty cool right now.  The Chick-Fil-A TV commercials prominently feature our bovine friends, who can’t spell very well but can climb onto billboards, scale water towers, and turn up just as somebody is getting ready to bite into a cheeseburger.  There’s even a Cow Appreciation Day.

Now we know that cows are hot, because they’ve got their own webcam.  In fact, the Modern Farmer Cow Cam offers you the choice of two cow cams, both of which are at the Never Rest Dairy in Watertown, Wisconsin.

The settings are different, but either way, you get to watch cows, live, doing what cows do — which is really nothing at all except eating their feed, drinking lots of water, chewing their cuds, and maintaining a placid expression at all costs. Oh, and producing other cows, milk, and the best darned fertilizer known to mankind.

It’s pretty mesmerizing, really.  And perhaps we could all learn something from the Holstein’s unsurprised acceptance of the vicissitudes of life.