New Year’s 2012

In my mind there is nothing more rewarding than sharing good times with close friends especially on New Year’s Eve. With the help of a long afternoon nap and quite a few cups of coffee while at work, Kimmy and I were able to stay up late enough to ring in the New Year along with people living in Hawaii at 5 a.m. our time. I think an Irish New Year’s toast says it best “In the New Year may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship and never in want”. Best wishes and much happiness to all who read the Webnerhouse blog in 2012.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Kish and I rang in the New Year at a Shoreline party that featured shepherd’s pie and apple pie for food, dance music played by a synthesizer and guitar, lots of alcohol consumed by about 90 guests, and then bonfires on the beach as fireworks burst in the sky above nearby Port Lucaya.  Standing on cool Bahamian sand with an ocean breeze at your back with your lovely wife and close friends, watching bonfire flames  and sparks climb toward the stars in a clear night sky, is a good way to start the New Year.