A Late Summer Stream

Since he retired to the Tar Heel State my friend the Brown Bear has been prowling the wilds of North Carolina, exploring remote streams and searching for the elusive brook trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout.  Although he is by training and temperament an angler, he occasionally can take a pretty good photo — like this shot of one of his secret, sun-dappled fishing spots, deep in the Carolina woods, on a warm late summer day.


In God’s Country

My friend the Brown Bear continues to taunt me with beautiful pictures of the North Carolina countryside taken during his regular fishing jaunts to nearby, yet secluded, streams.  He says this view, from a vantage point in the mountains near Looking Glass Rock, reminds him of why he and his lovely wife decided to retire to the Asheville area in the first place.

Reveling In That Carolina Blue

One of my friends, the Brown Bear, recently retired to a life of fishing and frolicking in Asheville, North Carolina.  He goes to UNC-Asheville basketball games, walks his dog, audits classes at the college, brags shamelessly about the special beers brewed in the area, and occasionally — to really torment me — will send photos of the views on his hikes to secret streams where he leads “water aerobics” classes featuring the elusive brook trout.

It’s pretty country down there, if you don’t get sick of all of the Carolina Blue.