“Nakation” Aberration

Can it really be true that there is a rise (pun intended) in people taking naked vacations — “nakations,” for short?

Reuters has a story about a new ship launched by Carnival, the Carnival Freedom, that will will cater to the nudists among us.  The ship, which can accommodate more than 2,900 passengers, will offer all of the amenities and activities found on standard Carnival ships, but the voyagers will be naked.  The story notes that the “nude recreation” industry brings in $440 million a year, up 10 percent from 10 years ago, and states that the “nudist lifestyle” is about “enjoying oneself without the social or physical burden of clothing in a non-sexual, family-friendly environment of like-minded people.”

Family-friendly?  Really?  Are parents actually taking children on nudist vacations where the kids will confront hundreds of naked adult strangers?  That just seems incredibly wrong to me, and unfair to the kids — but then, I’m no nudist.

The linked article says the nudist lifestyle involves less stress.  I suppose a naked cruise would at least avoid the stress of trying to decide to what to pack to wear while you are aboard ship.  Other than that, color me skeptical.  I think there would be a lot of stress involved in having to suck in your gut everywhere you go.  On the other hand, perhaps the sight of acres of pulpy naked flesh might ruin a few appetites and thereby discourage the buffet table gorging and late-night sundae bar binges that you see so often on cruises.