Four Desserts

IMG_0748Tonight two clients, a colleague and I had a fine dinner at the Ocean Club at Easton.  We were very well taken care of by Tammy, our excellent waitress.  After our main course was over, we decided to give her a test, so we asked her to tell us which four desserts we had decided to order from the eight-item dessert menu.

Tammy was not at all intimidated.  She sized us up, thought for a moment, consulted her inner soothsayer, and correctly predicted Baked Alaska, chocolate peanut butter pie, chocolate cake, and warm butter cake.  It was quite an impressive feat by Tammy the waitress, and after we left I realized I should have asked her to give us some lottery numbers while she was at it.

The desserts were really good, too.

A Fine Visit To Bermuda

Kish and I were in Bermuda last week on a business trip and had a very enjoyable time during our brief visit.  We stayed at the Fairmont Southampton, which is the biggest hotel on the island. It is located on a promontory with a commanding view of the ocean in one direction and a sweeping bay in the other.  Others obviously recognized the value of the location from a lookout standpoint; the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, built in 1844, is a short walk away from the hotel.

The colorful waters of the Bermuda shore line

Bermuda is known for its beaches, and for good reason.  We spent some time on Horseshoe Beach and the neighboring Fairmont Southampton beach, both of which are beautiful.  The sand is light and fine, striking rock formations jut from the shoreline, and the water is highly colorful — brilliant blue in the distance, a bright blue-green near the shore line, and a palette of colors in between depending on the depth of the water.  The bright color of the water stands in sharp contrast to the dark rock that rises quickly from the shore line.  Roads are carved into the rock, making the entire island seem like the careful handiwork of a master sculptor.

The view from our table at the Ocean Club

During our trip, we had some excellent meals.  I highly recommend the Waterlot Inn and The Reefs, both of which are within easy walking distance of the hotel, and we had a wonderful outdoor meal under the stars at the Ocean Club, which is located above the hotel’s private beach.  Don’t miss the Bermuda chowder, which is a dark, hearty, highly flavorful concoction infused with rum and pepper sauce.  We also visited Hamilton, one of the larger towns on the island.  It offers some beautiful vistas, with storefronts and seaside restaurants painted in soft pinks and yellows.  When you see those colors you know that you are in the tropics.