Proud Of The Pennant

IMG_5476Ohio’s state flag is unique and distinctive for one simple reason:  it’s the only American state flag in the form of a pennant.  Technically, according to the relevant provision in the Ohio Revised Code, Ohio’s flag is “burgee-shaped.”  A burgee is a kind of flag design that is typically associated with boats and yacht clubs and that features a split, swallowtail end.  Others have associated Ohio’s flag with a cavalry guidon.

As most flags are, Ohio’s pennant is rich in symbolism.  The red, white and blue coloring refers of course to the flag of the United States, the seventeen stars in the blue triangle acknowledge the fact that Ohio was the 17th state to be admitted to the Union, and the round circle or “O” reflects the first and last letters of the state’s name and also evokes the Buckeye nut that has made Ohio the Buckeye State.

They had the pennant out in force at the Ohio Statehouse today, both flapping at the end of flagpoles and in plantings in two rectangular flowerbeds at the Third Street entrance.IMG_5477