Merry Christmas (Ale)!

Every year, beer lovers in the Midwest wait impatiently for the delivery of the Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Christmas Ale, in the same way that credulous seven-year-olds wait for Santa Claus — with a mixture of fervent belief and outright greed. Every year, Great Lakes delivers a delicious, spicy concoction that is designed to make the holidays more merry.

This year’s version, which I happily quaffed at the Olde Mohawk this afternoon, does not disappoint. Even Ebenezer Scrooge would savor this brew!

Massive Mohawk Meal

IMG_0508Let’s assume, hypothetically, that you’ve had a long, tough day at work.  Let’s assume, further, that when you get home you don’t feel like cooking.  In fact, let’s assume that nothing sounds more appealing to you than a few pint glasses of seasonal beer and a pound or so of quesadillas, preferably interspersed with some tortilla chips and dip.

Brother, I’ve found the place for you!  I give you the Olde Mohawk Massive Mohawk Quesadilla and an excellent Elevator Winter Warmer, all brought to you by a friendly restaurant that is only a short walk from your doorstep.  It’s one of those meals where you aren’t looking for some gaudy, foo-foo foodie concoction but rather something substantial that will stick to your ribs and hold its own against the spicy brew.

Thank you, Olde Mohawk!  This hit the spot.

Completing The Circuit

IMG_4481Last night we decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve by attempting our inaugural German Village pub crawl.  With the help of our friends the Bahamians, and stoked with some tasty appetizers Kish put together, we first hit Barcelona, then the Olde Mohawk, followed in order by Lindey’s, the Beck tavern, and finally dinner at the Sycamore.

Although it was a very cold evening, our little crawl worked well.  None of the establishments are very far apart, and the crisp air felt good as we moved from place to place.  Lindey’s was so packed that we couldn’t even get in to the bar area, Barcelona was busy and had a good jazz trio performing in the corner of the bar, and the Mohawk and the Beck gave us neighborhood bar respites from the New Year’s Eve crush.  We also got to have our first delicious meal at the Sycamore, where we counted down to midnight and 2015.  By the time we legged it home, the new year seemed bright indeed.

Happy 2015, everybody!