Ducks And Beavers

Tonight the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers play for the right to play Ohio State in Pasadena.  The two teams’ in-state rivalry is fierce — the game is known in Oregon as the “Civil War” — and for the first time in 113 games whichever team wins will play in the Rose Bowl.

I haven’t followed the PAC-10 closely this year and don’t have a strong sense about which team is likely to win.  I just think that one of the best things about college football, and one of the reasons why I prefer it to the pros, is the intense rivalries that exist in every conference, from sea to shining sea.  Oregon-Oregon State is one of those great rivalries.  Out in the Pacific Northwest fans of both teams no doubt are getting stoked for the game as I write this.

The strong feelings generated by rivalry games always make for exciting, emotional play, and in this game we have the added bonus of getting to do a little scouting of Ohio State’s opponent in the Rose Bowl.  Go Ducks!  Go Beavers!

Edited to add:  It will be the Ducks versus Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.  Oregon beat Oregon State 37-33 last night.