Patent Leather On The Fencepost

IMG_4232On our walk this morning, Kasey and I saw a pair of young girl’s dress shoes on the fence running around the Yantis Loop.  They’ve been there for a few days now and were dappled with dew in the early morning air.

It reminded me of my sister Margaret, who was a free spirit and independent thinker as a youth.  Removing her shoes to gambol in the grass is exactly the kind of thing she would do — and so was forgetting that she had done so as she enjoyed her frolic.  And when she came home, barefoot and beaming, my mother would say:  “Young lady, where are your shoes?”

To the young girl (or Mom) looking for a small pair of black patent leather shoes in New Albany:  They’re on the fence line directly across from the entrance to number 6 North.