Congratulations Paul and Karen

Right around this time forty two years ago the Webner family moved from Akron, Ohio and made Columbus our home. The first person I met the day we moved in was my neighbor Paul King and we became friends from the beginning. He later was one of a number of people who roomed at my condominium in Rittenhouse Square.

Twenty five years ago he asked me to be a groomsmen in his wedding and tonight I was invited to celebrate his marriage to his beautiful wife Karen along with their family and friends. They are two of the happiest people I have come to know and have raised two of the most respectful children, Chris and Katie I have ever been around.

Paul and I still get together a couple times a month to have lunch and sometimes if we are lucky Karen will join us. As one gets older you reflect on the many friendships you have that have lasted through the years and I am fortunate to be blessed with the friendship of both of them. So Happy Anniversary Paul and Karen, wishing you many more years of happiness to come.