An Awesome Dinner At City House

On the strong recommendations of a friend of a friend (thanks, Mr. D!) last night we had dinner at the City House restaurant in the old German section of Nashville.

IMG_3539It was an excellent start to our Nashville adventure, and I would recommend City House and its interesting menu to just about anyone.

It was late when our dinner began (who knew that Nashville was in the central time zone, by the way) so I was inclined to lighter fare and small plates.  I started with a fine glass of wine and the olives with taralli.  The olives were wonderful — light and buttery, with melting texture — and the taralli, which our waitress aptly described as a cross between a bagel and a pretzel, was crunchy and a perfect complement to the olives.

Next we moved to the Bresaola, Pecorino di Fossa appetizer, which was close to perfection:  thinly sliced, cured, rare beef, topped with shavings of sheep’s milk cheese.  It was deftly presented and just the right portion to keep the appetite stimulated.

IMG_3542My main course was Bread Gnocchi, Lamb Ragu, Lemon, Limas, Pecorino — a neat combination of lighter-than-normal gnocchi, shredded lamb, and spices and sauces that was bursting with flavor.  It was mouth-watering.  Fortunately, we were not served bread with the meal, because if we had been I would have embarrassed myself by mopping up every last bit of meaty goodness from the plate.

One last thing about City House:  it has a great atmosphere.  When you hear about a “foodie”-type place, you always wonder if it will have one of those stiff, phony ambiances.  City Hall doesn’t.  It feels just like a neighborhood gathering spot that just happens to be an exceptional eating place.  If I lived in the neighborhood, I’d be a regular.