Pelee Island

When we travel to Hen Island, we go through Pelee Island — a little-known part of Canada found smack dab in the middle of Lake Erie.  Hen Island actually is part of the Pelee Island Township, which consists of nine islands.

Pelee, as viewed from our plane

Pelee Island looks like someone carved out a few miles of Ohio farmland, hoisted it out, and plopped it into the lake.  The place is flat as a pancake, and when approached from the air it looks like an island of farms.  Pelee Island has a small air strip and is regularly visited by ferries, but it has the feel of a remote place — sparsely inhabited, not much activity, and not many people out and about.  However, once or twice our Hen Island trip has coincided with a celebration the locals call Pelee Fest, and it is clear from that experience that the locals and visitors know how to have a good time.

Pelee Island is part of Ontario province and is the southernmost part of Canada.  It’s also the largest island in Lake Erie, covering about 10,000 acres, and has about 300 permanent residents.  The population gets up to 1,500 during the summer months, when Pelee is a popular fishing destination.  Farming is the big focus of the economy, although Pelee Island also features the Pelee Island Winery.