Up Close And Personal

IMG_5727Last night I went to see a Pittsburgh Pirates game at PNC Park.  It’s a beautiful ballpark, and the Pirates thrashed the Chicago White Sox . . . and I was reminded, again, what a difference it makes to actually attend a baseball game rather than watch it on TV.  The sounds of ball smacking catcher’s mitt and ball cracking off bat, the schuff slide of the third baseman as he makes a great play on a hotshot rocketing down the line, the clocklike movement of every player as a ball is hit to the outfield with runners on base:  all of these are fundamental parts of the game that don’t really translate to the small screen.  And when you have great seats — last night we were about five rows behind home plate — it’s even better.  I ate a box of Cracker Jack, too.

Of course, it rained as I walked to the hotel.  That’s one downside you don’t have when you watch a ballgame on TV.

Fun With Dog Butt

IMG_1477The baseball playoffs start tonight, with the Reds taking on the Pirates.  Dog Butt hoped to catch some of the game at Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark, but didn’t realize that the Reds’ late-season collapse means that the game will be played in Pittsburgh instead.