A Sign Enough

The Third Street Secret Signer has struck again, but this time the resulting message is a bit more cryptic — thanks to some bad luck.

For the first time, the TSSS has used both sides of the bridge, east and west. (The east side, which has no sidewalk, was previously functionally inaccessible because of the constant flow of traffic speeding onto the 70/71 on ramp, but that ramp is now closed.) The east side sign reads “You Are Enough,” which is apparently the title of a recent book for women. On the west side, which is the TSSS’ previously preferred sign-posting location, the TSSS had put a sign reading “You Are Valuable,” but by the time I walked home last night that sign had fallen down and lay crumpled on the sidewalk. I’m hoping the sign was just blown down, rather than being pulled down by some Grinchy jerk who is messing with the public positivity campaign of a Good Samaritan.

Even with the west side sign fall, I’m sure I’m not alone in appreciating another nice gesture by the TSSS. Hopefully s/he will take the remaining sign to heart and realize that their single sign effort is “enough” to give us a holiday boost heading into Thanksgiving.

I’m Positive About Positivity

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Well I just recently finished a book titled Positivity by Barbara Fredrickson. I happened to be laying around the pool at my condo in September (one of the perks of being semi-retired) and someone had left a Good Housekeeping magazine in the chair next to mine. The front cover mentioned “Being More Positive and the Good it Does for Us” which caught my eye so I read the brief article which mentioned Dr Fredickson’s book. 

The library had the book, but there was a waiting list so I figured the book was a must read. While waiting for the book I found the trailer below on the internet that got me even more interested. 

I have to say it was a pretty good book. An important point the book makes is that if we try not to be so judgemental, that positivity will change the way we interact with others. That we should think of ourselves as all being one and that by doing so this in turn drives our willingness to help others in need. By acting on our sense of oneness with others and lending our fellow man a hand we can externalize our positivity.

This externalized positivity creates an upward spiral, because when you help someone else, there’s a good chance that you will feel gratified and proud of what you did. If others have witnessed your good deed this will in turn inspire them to want to do good for someone which will add more goodness to the social world. As the cycle continues you are inspired to act on the good feelings you have from your good deed further and repeatedly turning your good feelings into even more good deeds.

 So I have joined the cycle and started being less judgemental and more positive and I feel better for doing so !