Choosing China

You are an American POW during the Korean War.

After years of mistreatment, at the war’s end, you are given the chance to go home, or to go to China.  And you choose . . . China?

Here’s the interesting story of the young American named David Hawkins who did exactly that.  Notwithstanding the inhumane treatment he received during the war, which decimated his group of POWs, he decided to live in China at war’s end.  Why would you pick China over America?  I’m not sure that this article answers that question, but it tells an interesting story.

The young man who decided to go to China lived there for three years and then decided to return home to America, where he has lived ever since.  He describes himself as a “real patriot” and a better American as a result of the experience.  I don’t doubt him.