Quisp Versus Quake

As a kid I was an afficionado of breakfast cereals. I liked sugary cereals, and two of my favorites were Quisp and Quake. Both were made of the same orange-colored stuff that also was used to make Cap’n Crunch, but their consistencies were different in a critical way. Quisp, which had a space alien guy as a mascot, was a saucer shaped cereal that would quickly turn into mush when splashed with milk. When it got soggy, you could put the milk-saturated cereal on your tongue and push your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and the milk would squirt out before you swallowed. Quake, on the other hand, had some kind of miner guy as the mascot and was a rock-hard nugget — so hard that, when you ate it, the jagged edges of the cereal would lacerate the roof of your mouth and leave traces of that orange substance embedded there, where you could taste it for hours.

The debate about whether Quisp was better than Quake was unending, like the Beatles versus the Stones, or the Munsters versus the Addams Family. I preferred Quake — and the Beatles, and the Addams Family. At some point Quake was pulled from the market entirely, possibly because of the laceration factor. That was a dark day in the Webner household.

I found this Quisp and Quake ad on Youtube: