Learn Something New Every Day Dept.

IMG_3403I was walking down the street the other day when I saw a sign for a “Vape Bar.”

Vape?  Sounds kind of evil and sinful and somewhat Satanic, doesn’t it?

Could it be some new kind of alcohol that I am unaware of, or maybe some kind of food?  Nah.  It’s a room for people to gather and sample those electronic cigarettes.  Apparently such places are called vape bars because of the vapor emanating from the e-cigarettes.

My mother says you learn something new every day, and she’s right.  But I’ve still got a lot to learn — I don’t have the slightest idea was “MODs,” “RDAs,” “Tanks,” or “Gourmet E-Liquids” are, although I have to say that the mysterious “Egobatteries” sound intriguing for anyone who has had a brutal day at work.