Rocket Ride

Kish and I were innocently driving back from Ottawa to Columbus today and had just passed from Pennsylvania into Ohio on I-90 when we came across this contraption.  I did a double-take when I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw what looked like a free-floating amusement park ride approaching from the rear.

The guy who was driving this rocket ride was wearing a Batman jacket and sunglasses, with no headcovering on a gray, drizzly day.  He was moving like a bat out of hell, even though the vehicle doesn’t look it would handle very well or be particularly crashworthy.  No doubt he wasn’t doing much smiling as he drove; with no windshield, he would even now be picking bug debris out of his teeth.

Kish says that apparently you can rent this gizmo for parties and cart a bunch of people around in the rear seats.  I think driving something that looks like it would fold up like an accordion in any kind of collision on a busy interstate is more excitement than I would want on a Saturday afternoon.