Moxie Insistence

Kish found a bottle of Moxie — the legendary official soft drink of Maine — in one of the local grocery stores and brought it home for us to try. I can report the Moxie is actually quite good. In fact, I liked it a lot, from the very first sip. It’s like a bold, flavorful, no-holds-barred root beer with an unknown additional ingredient— like ginger, maybe? You’d expect Mainers to go for something that packs a wallop, and Moxie definitely delivers.

Plus, I love the label on the bottle. When a guy who looks like that insists you drink Moxie, you’d better listen to him.

The Fatal Glass Of Beer

IMG_4140Root beer, that is.  Because if you’re in San Antonio, you’ve just got to go to Schilo’s Deli and try their most excellent root beer.  Even if you don’t like root beer.  In fact, even if you don’t like liquids.

Served in a frosted mug, it is rich and dark, yet light and creamy at the same time.  It tastes like they’ve already melted vanilla ice cream into it.  It goes great with their excellent bratwurst and spicy brown mustard, or their split pea soup, or anything else on the menu you’d care to name.

Fortunately, Schilo’s limits you to one free refill on the root beer orders.  Otherwise, most of us would be drinking this stuff until we explode.