Saturday morning is, in my view, the best day and time for doing chores.

IMG_5437I’m one of those people who tends to feel oppressed by household work that needs to be done.  I walk past the patio stones dotted with yard debris knocked down by thunderstorms, or unfolded laundry, or dishes in the sink, and it bothers me.  It’s as if the very knowledge that the work is out there brooding and waiting to be done weighs me down.

Hence, the beauty of the productive Saturday morning.  You get up after an enjoyable Friday night, you make yourself a good cup of coffee, and then you get started.  You move from room to room and chore to chore, sweeping out the patio, loading the dishwasher and folding the laundry, assembling what needs to be assembled, putting away what needs to be put away.  By 10 a.m. you can look around, see that you have accomplished a lot, and then enjoy the rest of the weekend guilt-free.

For me, at least, there is real pleasure in tackling and completing household chores.

A Satisfying Saturday Morning Clean-Up

The boys are gone, back to their new home bases.  It was wonderful to see them, but with their departure the house feels in a certain state of . . . disarray.

There are beds to be stripped, clothes to be washed and dried and hung, clean towels to be folded, and sheets and blankets to be tossed in the air as beds are remade.  There are dishes to be gathered and brought to the kitchen, scrubbed, and put into the dishwasher racks.  There are bottles and cans to be collected and put in the recycling bin, counters to wipe clean of bread crumbs, and napkins and wrappers and stray debris to pitch into the trash (always thinking, as the hurled item lands in the trash can, “two points!”).  When I got up this morning, I began moving from room to room, straightening up and leaving one room clean before moving on to the next.

It is good to hear the clang of the washing machine lid as clothes get placed inside, the hum of the clothes dryer, the swish and swirl of the dishwasher.  These are the happy sounds of a house being cleaned and restored to a semblance of order, and Saturday morning is a good time to accomplish that chore.

Now I sit, drinking my coffee and feeling a sense of satisfaction, and I think:  what flowers should we get to put in our flower beds this year?  The feeling of accomplishment from my early morning clean-up exercise gives me the incentive to tackle a little gardening this afternoon.