Rockin’ The VBC

Last night we attended Kish’s 42nd high school reunion.  That’s the one where everybody sheepishly owns up to having turned 60 but likes to think that their inner age, and ability to have some fun,  is a lot closer to what it was in their senior year.

The evening started at the Vermilion Boat Club, which featured a pretty good band called School Girl Crush that delivered credible covers of AC/DC and Kansas songs as boats sailed past behind them.  The festivities then progressed to the local VFW and American Legion halls.  Along the way there were lots of squeals and hugs, women introducing themselves by their maiden names, oft-told stories about class tragedies and scandals, dancing, Fireball shots, and a conga line that wended its way past the bemused vets at the VFW.

In the VHS Sailors Class of ’75, the class spirit lives on, long and strong.