The First Day Of School

Today is the first day of school at the Columbus Academy, where Kish works.  This morning some kindergartners will go off to school for the first time ever, as their Moms and Dads watch with quivering emotion.  Kids in other grades will head back to familiar buildings to see their classmates again, after a long summer.

Some of my childhood friends dreaded going back to school.  I felt differently.  I liked school.  As the summer wore on into late August, and the gravity of the calendar tilted inexorably toward the resumption of school, I looked forward to that first day.  I wanted to see my “school friends” again, and was eager to meet my teacher and get back into the rhythm of classes and learning about interesting new things.

I liked the process of getting ready for school, too.  You might get a new pair of shoes, and a “school outfit” or two.  But what I really liked was getting the school supplies — things like a new, unmarked binder that closed with a sharp snap, plastic wrapped packets of 500 pages of fresh, crisp, white lined paper, new pencils to sharpen to a fine point, a bouncy pink rubber eraser, a new lunchbox featuring your favorite TV show, and a ruler. What can I say?  I was a nerd.

I remember getting things organized the night before so everything would be in place the next morning, and by bed time I usually was so excited I had trouble sleeping.  When the next morning finally came, I was ready!