Is There Anything a Person Won’t Do For Money ?

Yesterday I was killing some time before I went in to work at Windward Passage and ran across a show on MTV called Silent Library that tests the premise, is there a limit to what a person won’t do for cold hard cash ? I have to admit MTV has changed from the old days when it began back in 1981 with the specific intent of playing music videos 24/7 guided by on air hosts known as VJ’s.

I’m sure some people might find this type of show a waste of time I actually kind of found it sort of entertaining. The episode that I watched had six girlfriends who were playing the game and some were selected to perform insane tasks.

One task was similiar to the one in the trailer above where the girl had to find and eat thirteen cheetos that were hidden on a sweaty fat man’s body in a specified amount of time. The girl went about her business of finding the cheetos (one was in the man’s arm pit and one in his belly button) and tried to gulp them down while gagging as her girlfriends looked on and laughed.

I think this show probably proves that there isn’t anything that some people won’t do for the almighty dollar !