Kinda Cool

Back in 1982 when I was twenty five working as a teller for Banc Ohio a customer passed me a five dollar silver certificate so I exchanged it for five dollars and kept it hoping it would be worth something.

A few weeks later I decided to give it to mom’s dad, Grandpa Neal, in a birthday card on his eighty fourth birthday. You see he had been a banker all of his life and he loved that kind of stuff.

I never thought any more of it until the time of his death fifteen years later when my Uncle Gilbert pulled me aside at his funeral and told me they had opened his safety deposit box and one of the items in the box was the envelope below.

Of course, inside the envelope was the five dollar silver certificate. After doing some research come to find out that holders of a silver certificate at one time could exchange the certificate for silver coin or silver bullion, but that is no longer the case and the certificate is worth ten dollars today.

I have kept the envelope and come across it from time to time always thinking how special he made my gift to him by taking the time to write a few words asking that the silver certificate be returned to me with his best wishes. What a class guy he was !