Skunk Sighting

On today’s walk, as Penny and I enjoyed another dry, clear, starlit morning, we saw our first skunk.

It happened when we turned the corner from Route 62 onto Ogden Woods Boulevard.  The skunk was waddling across the street, low to the ground and heading for a stand of trees (perhaps some of the last remnants of the original Odgen Woods).  We saw its black fur with distinctive, bright white marking as it disappeared into the underbrush, but I don’t think it saw us.

We’ve seen deer, rabbits, raccoons, opossum, and other stray critters on our morning strolls, and most of them have seen us coming and then dart away.  In this case, I was glad we were not a few moments earlier and thereby avoided startling the skunk as it passed.  Getting hosed down with the rank contents of a skunk’s anal scent glands would not be a good way to start the day.