Hoping To See A Snowy Owl

I’m not a birder.  New Albany doesn’t seem like a great place for bird-watching.  We share this space with the native Ohio birds, ducks and swans, and the flocks of dreaded, honking, crapping Canadian geese — but not much else.

But now my bird-sighting hopes are up, because there are reports that Snowy Owls have moved south from the Arctic Circle en masse and are being seen all over northern America. Every few years these magnificent, milky white, carnivorous birds have an “irruption” and fly south in large numbers.  In the Arctic Circle, they feast on lemmings.  Farther south, they look for mice, rabbits, and even ducks to provide sustenance.

The New York Times reports that they have been seen in the Great Lakes and the Ohio River Valley, which means they might just show up in New Albany, Ohio.  So, on my walks around the neighborhood, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a flash of white as a Snowy Owl swoops down to grab its prey and carry it off for supper.  And if they want to snatch a Canadian goose or two, I won’t object.