Summer Soup

It’s summer.  It’s hot — at least, it’s supposed to be, although lately Columbus has been unseasonably cool — so who wants to eat soup?  Who wants to spoon down piping hot liquid on a day when the temperature is up around 90?

All true . . . but there is one soup that is perfect for the summer.  I’m not talking about vegetable-intensive gazpacho, which always looks like a bad excuse to use up the odds and ends from the vegetable crisper drawer in the fridge.  No, I’m talking about the premier summer soup:  vichyssoise.  Vichyssoise, which rolls down your throat like a brisk stream of rich, creamy goodness and cools you to the very core.  G Michael’s has potato leak vichyssoise on its current summer menu, and it’s just what the doctor ordered on a hot summer’s day. 

Don’t you love it when you go to a favorite restaurant and see something that perfectly fits the circumstances and your taste buds?


Soup Is Good Food

I hate eating lunch at my desk.  I think everyone deserves a break from the workday when they can go outside, stretch their legs, and get something interesting to eat with friends or family members.

IMG_1443Sometimes, however, work pressures just make eating out impossible.  When that happens, it’s nice to have dependable options within walking distance where you can get a good lunch and bring it back to your desk.  I’m lucky, because I’ve got a lot of really good choices.

When I’m in the mood for something on the lighter side — which in my case means soup — I head down Gay Street to Cafe Brioso.  Every day this nifty little coffee shop and eatery offers your choice of five or six different soups, as well as a full spread of sandwiches and other fare.

Today I decided to try something a bit different and got a bowl of the coconut curry lentil soup, which set me back only $4.  It was excellent, combining lentil heartiness, coconut smoothness, and a little curry kick to get me primed for the afternoon at the office.  With some crushed saltines and a crumbled crust of bread, it filled me right up.

It’s just another reason why I’m a committed soupaphile.