Arizona Sunset

On my last night in the Southwest, we were treated to a spectacular Arizona sunset. We just don’t get them in Ohio during the winter months.

We came to the Southwest in search of the sun — and we found it, and how. The temperatures have been a bit cooler than normal, but seeing Old Sol everyday makes up for just about anything. I’d recommend the desert in winter to anyone interested in combating the Midwestern gray sky blahs.

Bucket List

When Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman filmed The Bucket List, their characters had very lofty goals in mind — like climbing the Himalayas, racing Mustangs, or eating at the finest restaurants in France.  

Me? My “bucket list” items are simpler and more straightforward — like, what would it be like to be A 01 on a Southwest flight?  It turns out that is isn’t so much different from being A 35, because so many pre-boards go in first that you don’t get that “the plane is my oyster” feel.

Still, I got to sit in an exit row on a Southwest flight.  Not bad!  

Next stop . . . the Himalayas.