Tube Steak Follies

Food & Wine magazine, recognizing that we have entered the height of the outdoor grilling season, has published an article about their taste test of the best hot dogs out there.  The article raves about a hot dog that “tastes like steak.”

f5xdfnkThe article says that the Kansas City Cattle Company Uncured Wagyu Beef Hot Dog — which is a mouthful in itself — will change grilling forever.  It explains:  “The umami! The spice! The beefiness! It was basically like eating a steak in a bun, or an elevated “tube steak,” if you will. The flavor had real depth and smoky undertones, and the texture and color (darker, more brown than red) was different than most hot dogs—in a good way.”

It’s nice to know that American food producers have finally developed a tube steak that tastes like a steak — it’s another sign of the rapid progress being made by human civilization, I suppose — but I’m a little disturbed about the apparent migration of identifiable tastes from one food to another.  After all, if you’re looking to have a hot dog, don’t you want it to taste like a hot dog?  A traditional grilled hot dog, in the right outdoor setting, perhaps with a ball game going on in front of you, can be better than a steak.  Don’t we want to keep food tastes in their proper place?  What’s next?  A hot dog that tastes like a cheeseburger or carrot cake?

Plus, as the 2020 election draws closer, we’re heading into the politician hot dog-eating season.  I don’t want Joe Biden and the other candidates out there to take a big bite of a dog and do a spit take when they taste steak instead.

Diamond Grille Porterhouse

photo-1When I have the pleasure of going to a fine steakhouse — and the legendary Diamond Grille in Akron certainly falls into that category — I’ve got to get the Porterhouse.  Why?  Because Porter, whoever he was, would have wanted it that way.

The Porterhouse is a serious cut of steak.  It’s got the tenderloin and the strip steak, so it’s the best of both worlds.  It’s like a T-bone, only a lot bigger.  It’s a steak that, as the photo above indicates, covers an entire dinner plate.  Bring your appetite, baby!

Tonight I had my Porterhouse medium rare, and it was fantastic.  At the Diamond Grille, the Porterhouse is not to be missed.