Stoned Soul Picnic

On our way back from the Short North Kish and I walked past the Columbus Commons.  There was a line stretching around the block, and a lot of the people had those collapsible chairs slung over their shoulders.  The CC lawn was dotted with food trucks and games and other telltale signs of an outdoor concert in the offing.

IMG_5635It turns out that one of the local radio stations, Magic 106.3, is sponsoring Stoned Soul Picnic, an all-day event with a bunch of musical acts and activities for kids.  The Commons is a cool venue for a concert, with what passes for skyscrapers in Columbus in the background and some new buildings under construction right next door.  And, of course, events like Stoned Soul Picnic are an important part of the continuing effort to get people to come downtown at times other than 9-5 M-F and to help entrepreneurs and restauranteurs who have decided to open up shop downtown.  It’s great to see a large crowd of happy people ready to be entertained — and, perhaps, drop a dollar or two in the process.

I looked long and hard, but saw no signs of surreys — or sassafras and moonshine, for that matter.