Bye Weekend

It’s a “bye weekend” this weekend.  No Buckeyes game today and no Browns game tomorrow to plan around.  So, how to spend our precious, wholly unscheduled weekend hours?  Dinner and a movie, perhaps?  Lounging on our patio and finishing up the books we’ve been working on?  A few easy household chores to make us feel like we haven’t been complete slugs?

It’s supposed to be a spectacular weekend of Indian summer weather, with temperatures reaching the upper 60s, so time must be allotted for some outside activity.  Step one:  enjoy a spectacular sunrise this lovely Saturday morning.

Colors Of A Morning


As any patient reader of our blog knows, I like dawn photos — usually of the act of dawn itself.  The rising sun does not simply brighten the eastern horizon, however; the morning sunbeams also throw the surrounding countryside into sharp contrast and bring out every bit of color.  One of our Lake Temagami sunrises turned the spindly pines and dying grasses on our island into a beautiful study in different shades of green, rust, and orange.

Frost-Covered Sunrise, New Albany, January 15

It stopped snowing yesterday, the sky cleared, and of course the temperature dropped.  This morning it was frigid.  On our morning walk we noticed that everything was covered with a delicate layer of frost.  On this little tree, the coating of frost looked like fine white hairs in the refracted light of the sunrise.