Sunsets On Hen

IMG_6280Richard, UJ and I were up at Hen Island in Lake Erie this weekend for the annual father-son get-together at the Quinnebog Fishing Club.  We ate lots of food, drank lots of beer, and played lots of cribbage.  We also enjoyed some spectacular sunsets.

When you are a city dweller, you don’t see many dramatic sunsets, because the horizon is blocked by buildings.  When you’re out on an island, however, you can really appreciate how wonderful sunsets can be.  That’s Friday’s sunset above, and Saturday’s sunset below.  Friday’s sunset was more bold and colorful, but Saturday’s was more interesting, with the backlit clouds looking like the outline of continents on a map, limned in fire.


Sunset On The Missouri, Cooper’s Landing, October 5

IMG_5057Richard discovered a quirky place called Cooper’s Landing on the banks of the broad Missouri River.  We paid a visit there last night and found a group of good-hearted people gathering to listen to music, build crackling campfires, and enjoy life.  They’ve got a nice view, too.