En Plein Air

IMG_5281Yesterday I met Kish for lunch at Little Palace then took a slightly different path on my walk back to the office.  After I crossed Broad Street, heading north on Fourth Street, I noticed the painting above on one of the pillars at the entrance to the building at 23 North Fourth.

I’d never walked this side of the block before, and the painting drew my eye.  It’s a small painting of street scene featuring a nearby building in downtown Columbus; a simple, human-scale piece rather than one of those gigantic abstract urban art sculptures that city planners decide to place next to a busy intersection or in the plaza of an office building.  I noticed a sign next to the painting that said it was a plein air piece in acrylics by artist Deb Haller that was part of the Finding Time project by Columbus Public Art 2012.

After stopping to admire the painting I moved on, then noticed another of the paintings in Lynn alley on the block between Fourth Street and Lazelle, and another piece on a wall of a building on Lazelle between Lynn and Gay Street.  The latter, by artist Susan Otten, is shown below.  I enjoyed them all, and wondered:  how had I missed them before?

When I got home I checked the internet and learned that the paintings I saw were among 20 different plein air paintings in the downtown area commissioned as part of the Columbus Public Art 2012 Finding Time project.  The website explains that the paintings “were meant to be discovered by pedestrians going about their everyday business.”  Speaking for this pedestrian, I would say “mission accomplished.”