F and F vs. S and S

If you’re ever going to visit Maine during the summer, especially if you’re going to head up north of the southern coastal areas, plan on checking your smartphone weather app regularly.

5e217fada5253478210383b5395ca68d-thermometer-vintage-sIn fact, plan on consciously rooting for specific weather developments — like increases in the daily high and low temperatures — even though you are well aware that puny humans have no ability to change the weather that’s heading your way.  You’ll be hoping to see temperatures in the sixties and seventies (S and S) rather than temperatures in the forties and fifties (F and F).

You would think that, by the middle of June, the F and F squad would have been chased off the field, but you would be wrong.  Even now, when the Midwest is getting slapped with temperatures that are in the upper 80s and even hitting 90, the low temperatures in Stonington on many days stubbornly remain in the 40s, and it’s a desperate, furious battle to get the high temperature out of the 50s.  Even now, looking at the weather app and its forecast for the next 10 days, we still see only one day where the high temperature is in the upper 60s.  (Brace yourself: a week from tomorrow the temperature is supposed to reach a scalding 66.)  And days in the 70s in June in Stonington are apparently as rare as hen’s teeth.

It’s weird to pay so much attention to your weather app, but there’s a significant difference between temperatures in the 40s and 50s versus 60s and 70s.  In the 40s and 50s, you’re still donning coats and sweaters.  When you reach the upper 60s and — God forbid! — the 70s, the air has that sultry, summer feel that is simply absent when the F and F squad is in command.

None of this is a surprise.  In fact, many people come to Maine specifically to escape the broiling summer heat — and Maine doesn’t disappoint in that regard.  The temperature will warm up, and we’ll be in the toasty 70s when the rest of the country is groaning about the intense heat.  It will be nice to the S and S team prevail.

The Last Frigid Morning

IMG_1786Today it was 9 degrees when I went out for my morning walk. The mounds of plowed snow were crystallized in the cold air and glittering under the light of street lamps and the distant glimmer of the Moon.

But according to the weather app on my iPhone, we are in for some relief. Today the high temperature is supposed to inch above freezing, tomorrow the low temperature will be in the balmy 30s, and Thursday . . . well, on Thursday we’re supposed to get rain and the temperature is supposed to reach the 50s. (Rain, for those of you who had forgotten, is like liquid snow.)

The 50s! We’ll have massive snow melt, of course, but we’ll trade it gladly for reaching such sultry heights.

Into The 60s

I think every ten-degree increment has its own, distinctive personality.

IMG_3354The teens are cruel, and the 20s are unforgiving.  The 30s are bone-chilling, and the 40s are gloomy.  The 50s are hopeful, and the 60s . . . well, the 60s are joyful.  When the 60s come after a long winter, giving us an early — albeit brief — taste of the spring to come, the effect is magical.

We took a leisurely afternoon stroll today as the thermometer hit the 60s, and it was as if a sleuth of bears had awoken after a long, cold winter of hibernation.  People were out jogging, riding their bikes, and skateboarding in the unfamiliar sunshine.  People clad in shorts were washing their cars, with the radio playing in the background.  And children’s toys had been removed from basements and garages and put outside where they belong, to add some color and fun and shouts to the suburban milieu.

The 60s will be gone tomorrow, as our temperature once again plunges downward.  But I sure enjoyed today’s brief glimpse of warm weather.